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Your living space reflects your personal style and character. Our objective is the same as yours and being passionate about our customers desire to enhance their homes, we help you create the result you want using the best high quality materials to suit the purpose. Be that the kitchen, built-in wardrobes, featured staircases or doors, we can deliver a bespoke solution.

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High Quality Craftmanship 

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  • All types of Hardwoods and Softwoods
  • MDF
  • Variety of lacquered and painted finishes


Don’t Settle For Less

Our Speciality

RedApple specialise in all types of wood, whether its hardwood or softwood using a variety of lacquered and varnished finishes. Alternatively, there is the choice of a painted finish using MDF. Whatever your desired finish we have the skills to turn ideas and dreams into reality. Our craftsmen have worked on many varied projects and can deliver on whatever project you have in mind.

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 There is nothing standard about what we do. Every project is unique and a personal statement of your own style and character. The success of the project begins with the full understanding of your needs and wants at the creative stage “





bespoke kitchens

From Our Founder

Andrew Duncan Wait

Quite simply, I get my satisfaction from working with customers to create, design and make what it is they need. This isn’t factory-built product that just needs fitting. This is personal and I see every project through myself from initial meeting to installation having crafted every part. 

the meeting place

A vision built exactly for your needs

Why is it when guests arrive, or parties are happening that the kitchen is the place where most people go to first or congregate. It almost doubles as a reception and a haven for strangers or the shy ones. Most kitchen designs are very functional and efficient as they should be, but they also need to be durable and resistant to wear and tear. It’s also important for your kitchen to be welcoming and attractive. When designing your kitchen we need to think not just about how it makes you feel but the impression it leaves with your guests.

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